Skip Trace

Sometimes People don’t want to be found

#Skiptracing is an art. When someone purposefully is lost and never to be found do not get frustrated there is always a way. Using proprietary software and sometimes federal information we can cast wide nets around an individual and their identity in order to find out their location. We charge a reasonable fee with a 95 percent success rate. Our Skip Tracers are experienced in finding those ghosts who choose not to be found. Sometimes all a skip trace takes is another set of eyes tracking a person.

It takes around 1 week to complete a typical full skip-trace with a PDF report of findings. These are the typical uses. All cases must come with a valid Case ID

  • Locate a Defendant for Civil Court
  • Domestic Relations Non-PA Court CSS
  • Federal Civil Lawsuits
  • Foreign Suits
  • Alias Summons

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