Beyond Process Service

Low Cost Professional Delivery of Civil Legal Documents

Often within 24-48 hours of receipt



You need Professionalism. We offer experience in Excellence.
Service often made within 24 hours


Education in dealing with legal documents is important. Our staff deals with Process Service Companies as well as Attorneys and their staff everyday.


Our expertise is Process Service. Especially the hardest cases over the past 20 years. We put you in a position to close lots of cases faster by getting documents into peoples hands faster.

  • Social Media investigation on defendants
  • Speaking with neighbors after knocking on every door
  • At service GPS and time stamp if required by your state
  • We are fully staffed
  • Members of NAPPS.ORG
  • Graduates of Professional Security Academies
  • We serve thousands of cases a month successfully
  • We win in court when Defendants fight service
  • We do the leg work to thrive in an industry overwhelmed with bad service

Starting at $60.00

We are local to Hershey Pa. The sweetest place on earth. We are situated between Berks County and Lancaster County and Dauphin County. We charge a relatively low fee considering the fuel and time spent on each serve.

About Us

Our company has one goal
Complete Satisfaction

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(717) 838 8617

Mail Documents to

1 lynnwood Drive
Palmyra, Pa 17078
Lebanon County Pennsylvania

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